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diana image croppedDiana Phillips graduated from the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado in 2004. She completed her Rolfing Advanced Training certification in 2009. In addition to Rolfing, she has studied cranial sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, energy medicine and Rolf movement.


Diana approaches Rolfing with great respect for the individual’s ability to heal from past injuries and trauma by providing a safe environment and working in a gentle fashion. Diana believes that the Rolfing process is a cooperative effort between the practitioner and client. Her goal is not only to eliminate pain and restrictions, but also to support her clients in finding new possibilities in their bodies.

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing Structural Integration is a unique approach to understanding how a body can best be aligned and freed to move with ease. Since each person’s bone structure is different, there is no single idea of what a perfect body should look like. Optimal alignment is unique for each individual.


Rolfing focuses on the connective tissue that holds the musculoskeletal system together. Muscles and bones respond to changes in the connective tissue. Connective tissue is made up mostly of collagen and includes the fascia, a web beginning just below the skin that wraps around every muscle and organ in the body. When we are injured, have surgeries, or live with poor postural habits, the fascia contracts and thickens, limiting the motion of muscles, bones, nerves, and organs and pulling the body out of line.


As a Rolfer, I use slow, carefully directed pressure to lengthen fascia and release restrictions. The pressure used depends on the depth and density of the tissue. Sometimes the work feels like pleasant stretching, and at other times there is a warm sensation. Many clients experience elimination of pain and greater freedom of movement after the first session. Some conditions require fewer sessions and others more. I often address the whole body structure in ten carefully sequenced sessions. The goal of Rolfing is to make lasting, helpful changes to the body in a period of weeks or months. After completing a Rolfing series, clients may choose to return periodically to address new issues or to keep in optimal alignment.


Rolfing is different from other manual therapies because a Rolfer pays careful attention to the way that each part of the body relates to the whole. If a pattern of chronic pain has developed, usually it can be seen throughout the body. When a person comes to me with foot pain for instance, I look at the person’s gait to track down both the causes and the effects of the problem. This means considering the way that weight is transferred from the hip joint, through the knee, and into the ankle and each joint of the foot. If the pain is addressed in isolation, the problem will probably return. Also, the injury or restriction can throw other parts of the body out of line, causing problems elsewhere. This happens because the body attempts to compensate for injuries to maintain balance and continue functioning. I work to eliminate these compensatory patterns and restore order and harmony to the overall structure.


Rolfing Session

Rolfing Session

85 minutes. This is a comprehensive Rolfing session where we do alignment analysis, examine body patterns (how you use your body) and perform Rolfing (manual body work).

$185-paid with Venmo, cash, or check

$190-paid with credit card


“I’m still pain-free from my RSI today, and move in a very different way. Being aware of and taking care of my body is something I’m still learning about, but what you did went a long way towards starting me down the right path.”

~Chua, age, 25 Software engineer

“Diana is a wonderfully gifted Rolfer and healer. I came to her with residual pain due to injuries, scoliosis, and years of desk work. My pain diminished with each session. My husband says I’m taller. Overall, I feel incredibly renewed – straighter, more grounded, and more present.”

~Esty, artist, age 51

“My back used to bother me constantly. Now I have a nearly pain-free body without structural problems. I walk taller and feel like I have a new lease on life.”

~Edwards, hair stylist, age 70

“After a car accident, my neck and shoulders hurt all the time. Nothing helped until I saw Diana.”

~Andrews, model, age 35

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Check to see if your employer provides flexible spending options (sometimes called a “medical spending account” or “cafeteria plan”). These plans permit you to set aside a portion of your annual income to be used for medical, dental, and childcare expenses tax free. Plans such as these usually cover Rolfing, and may require a referral. I do not accept insurance. Payment is required when services are provided.

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Does Rolfing Hurt?

This is a common question. When Rolfing was popularized in the 1970’s, it developed a reputation of being very painful. A lot has changed since then. The Rolfing process has become much more gentle in the decades since. That being said, there is a range of tissue types. Some people experience no discomfort whatsoever during their Rolfing sessions, and others experience discomfort for a brief amount of time. I work in communication with the client, responding to the client’s needs throughout the session.


What happens in a session?

When a client first comes to see me, we discuss the client’s goals and health history. I then have clients undress to their bra and underwear (or underwear in the case of men) and observe how their bodies are aligned when they are standing and also walking. Client’s lay on the Rolfing table as I work on their connective tissue with my hands, forearms, and sometimes elbows. During and after the session, I have clients get up and walk so I can evaluate the changes that have occurred.


How long will the results last?

The results are permanent. Rolfing changes patterns of restriction in the body. The main causes to any pattern of pain or dysfunction are misalignment in the body and improper body use. My job is to address the misalignment and also to help clients think about how they use their bodies. For instance, if a person works at a desk for fifty hours a week with a keyboard that is too high, a monitor that is at the wrong angle, and a body position that includes a slouching torso and a forward-positioned head, then pain will likely return. One of my goals is to educate clients to use their bodies in ways that will end cycles of injury and discomfort.


How many sessions will I need to do?

Many clients experience the elimination of their pain and greater freedom of movement after the first session. Some conditions require only three to five sessions, and others require more. The Rolfing “Ten Series” is a sequence of sessions designed to address issues throughout the body and to bring harmony to the whole musculoskeletal system. The goal of Rolfing is to make lasting, helpful changes to the body in a period of weeks or months, not years. After completing a Rolfing series, however, clients often return to address new issues or to keep in optimal shape.


How often should my Rolfing sessions be spaced out?

When a client is in acute pain, I like to see them weekly until their pain pattern has been properly addressed. At other times in a Rolfing series, clients generally schedule sessions at one or two week intervals.


Do you accept insurance?

Rolfing is not covered by insurance. See the services page for information about paying with pre-tax dollars.

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