Why Does My Body Hurt?

Our bodies can hurt for several different reasons.

There may be a structural restriction in the tissue. The bones in a joint or several joints are not moving properly and somewhere or several places in the body connective tissue also called the fascia is restricted and shortened.

We may do something with our body habitually, like slouch at a computer for ten hours a day with a forward head position.

Our bodies may use the wrong set of muscles to try to stabilize ourselves. When we don’t properly activate our core stabilizing muscles, we end up using muscles that were designed to fire for short periods all day long. These muscles tend to fatigue easily and get sore.

Some people process stress by unawarely tightening their neck and shoulder muscles and or their low back and buttocks muscles.

Some people have what I call systemic inflammation. They may have high levels of pain throughout their body. This can be caused by diet, infection(s), toxicity like heavy metals, and biotoxin illness. When I suspect someone has systemic inflammation I refer them to a functional medicine doctor for very specific tests.

When I work with clients, my goal is to reduce their pain. If within 2-3 sessions there is no reduction in pain, I almost always try to refer these clients to another modality to better address their issues.